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These bestselling authors have collaborated on a page-turner.

Walk with Me: Al-Saadiq Banks Newark, New Jersey is eager to get rid of the infamous, Miracle. A predicate with a long list of felonious crimes. When he’s arrested for the brutal murders of his two co-defendants, he realized that his life is over. Walk with Me by Al-Saadiq Banks walks you through the seemingly dark life of Miracle, capturing the ironic circumstance of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Snake Eyes: Mark Anthony Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. That’s the old adage in the ’hood. But what happens when your friend is your enemy? All hell breaks loose in Snake Eyes. Mark Anthony weaves a dramatic street tale that will leave you on the edge of your seat!

Cagney & Lacey: Crystal Lacey Winslow Cagney & Lacey—When two felons growing up on opposite coasts meet—the attraction is magnetic. When Lacey’s past comes back to haunt her—Cagney’s love is put to the test. Will Cagney ride or die for his lady? Just like a modern day Bonnie and Clyde, these two embark on a killing spree in their quest to leave the past behind. 

Keepin’ it Gangsta: JM Benjamin Keepin’ it Gangsta is the only way the notorious “Dicer” knows how to live. Feared by many because of his murderous and infamous reputation—he still finds a soft spot in his black heart to hold down the only woman that ever truly loved him. But in true “Dicer” fashion he can only keep it gangsta!

BONUS: Erick S. Gray drops a banger!

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