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Poisoned Pawn
Harlem brothers, Kip and Kid Kane, are like night and day. While Kip is with his stick-up crew hitting ballers and shot-callers, the wheelchair-bound Kid is busy winning chess tournaments and being a genius.

Kip's ex, Eshon, and her girls, Jessica and Brandy, put in work for Kip's crew as the E and J Brandy bitches. Eshon wants Kip, but Kip is always focused on the next heist--the next big come-up.

When given an assignment by the quirky Egyptian kingpin, Maserati Meek, Kip jumps at the chance to level up to bigger scores. While doing Maserati Meek's Dirty Work, Kip and his crew find that doing business with crazy pays handsomely. But at what cost? Insanity leads to widespread warfare, and the last man standing will have to take down the warlord.