10 Crack Commandments

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The crack epidemic infiltrated the inner cities in the early 80s, and for most, the logic was simple; either you smoked crack or sold crack. As crackheads walk the streets like zombies, Lil Nut is determined to get rich or die trying.

When he forms his own crew and plots to take over a rival drug-dealers territory, the empire he struggled to build is threatened. Enemies become friends, and friends become enemies, all in a quest to attain ghetto riches. Lil Nut realizes that no one is to be trusted, not even his own momma!

Lil Nut assumes that he’ll be all right as long as he follows the hustlers’ rule book to dodge all the usual pitfalls that come when hugging the block. The streets say that once you get into the game, the only way out is death or incarceration, and to make matters worse, a bounty has been put on Lil Nut’s head. Vying to stay alive, Lil Nut is determined to follow the ten crack commandments.


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