Cartier Cartel - Part 1

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Cartier Timmons and Monya White were born to teenage mothers who were also best friends. At fifteen, Cartier formed her own crew aptly named the Cartier Cartel. The main and only vision of the crew, Cartier, Monya, Bam, Lil Momma, and Shanine, was to do petty crimes in order to wear the flyest gear. While Monya loves boys, clothes, and money (in that order), Cartier is tired of the petty boosting to keep a few dollars in her pockets.

Always wise beyond her years, Cartier observes how the corner boys hustle drugs and figures her crew could do the same. Cartier realizes too late that her and her crew are in more trouble than they can handle. Once a rival drug-hustler gets murdered, Cartier’s Cartel will need to make a life-altering decision.