Eva, First Lady of Sin - Part 2

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Dazed, confused and standing at the altar, Eva's finally through with the love of her life, Brand, and his sexual drama. Or is she? She's done her share of dirt over the years- but so has he. Can she get past his lies, deceit and the secrets they share?

Ride with Eva while she uses everything in her sexual arsenal to get what she wants in the bed and out. Will she ever get married to Brand? Is she still in a relationship with Bryce? Will she find true love to accept her knowing her sexual past? Can Eva, First Lady of Sin settle down? 


Equally beautiful Taylor, Eva's best friend, is caught in a relationship between Shawn a woman and Carlton a man, but her heart is somewhere else. Will she finally be able to have the one man she has craved for so long?

Meanwhile, Taylor part-time lesbian, knows the truth about Eva and all of her secrets but Taylor has some secrets of her own. What does she know about Eva s past with Brand and Evan that may hurt her best friend and question their friendship?

Watch how sex, lust, lies and secrets descend upon these best friends. Will the secrets bring them closer together or tear them apart? Eva Part 2 is just the beginning...

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