In My Hood - Part 2

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You thought there would be no one left in the hood after the horrible chain of murders that occurred in In My Hood. But the hood don t stop living; the saga only continues with a new breed of street dwellers to take their place. Nettie is back to wreak havoc on the city of Newark by targeting the HNIC, Leroy Big Roy Jenkins. But she is not alone. She recruits Ishmael s old squad, along with a few people of her own and takes getting money by any means necessary to a new level. But there s a new cat on the block and his name is Wild. The name is self-explanatory and he has the same vision in sight: to conquer and destroy Leroy. Nettie and Wild join forces to create the illest crew Essex County has seen in decades. Greed and jealousy rear their ugly heads among the crew, causing a turmoil of destruction that reveals Nettie ultimate secret. Will Nettie trade in the blade she sucked on for years for a gun? Or will the hood take her out first?

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