Life, Love, and Loneliness

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Lyric Devaney is a bitch! Fortunately for her, she’s also a talented actress, model, and singer involved with an NBA player, an ex-drug hustler, and the Mayor of New York City! When she lands a starring role in a big-budget film, everything seems to be coming together. However, Lyric has a scheme, and it could either bring her everything she desires…or destroy her.

Madison Michaels is an intelligent, practical, third-year law student who doesn’t realize how lonely she is until she falls hard for the charms of Maurice Mungin. Now she’s neglecting her own needs in a whimsical romance that will change her life…forever.

Joshua Tune is brilliant and ambitious but a philandering Brooklyn Assistant District Attorney. Parker, his wife, has just discovered his affair with a sexy defense attorney. Now he’s in a fight to save both his tumultuous marriage and his career.

Portia Jones is a street-smart, gum chewing, bad-ass girl from a housing project in Brooklyn, New York. Her only dream is to get paid—one way or another. Portia runs the streets until she finds solace in a place she never thought possible.

Four friends challenged by life, love, and loneliness, who come to realize that only the strong survive and that one decision can forever alter your life!