On the Run - The Baddest Chick 5

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Parallel Realities

In Colombia, Kola and Peaches palace lifestyle comes crashing down when the Federales kick in Eduardo’s front door. Forced to flee South America with her niece and return to New York, Kola feels lost without her twin sister. Things begin to turn around for Kola when she meets an ambitious hustler named Twin who wants her to play wifey as he plays daddy to Peaches.

Back from the dead, Apple is hiding out in Baltimore trying to make a come-up. Without family or friends, she spends her days plotting on how to regain what she’s lost. Not one to go without a thug in her bed for long, Apple hooks up with a young goon named Twin, who reminds her of her first love, Cross.

With the sisters living in different states and seemingly in love with the same dude, Harlem won’t withstand the bloodshed if Apple and Kola wage another war against each other, once again in the name of love.