SALE COPY of South Beach Cartel - Part 2

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The Art of War
Apple has never gotten over Citi stealing her money. Still salty from what she considers the betrayal of the century, she places Peaches in Kola's care and embarks on a mission to resolve some more unfinished business.

Cartier has made a life for herself on the west coast while waiting for the love of her life, Head, to get a release date. She's out of the game, but now Apple wants to pull her back in.

Citi resurfaces in New York with a strong team, including her brother, Cane. The stolen money has been flipped several times over, and now she's sitting pretty on a budding empire. After the foolish queen fails to guard her throne, her position is compromised, and back to Miami she runs.

Cartier and Apple head to South Beach to resurrect the South Beach Cartel and are soon joined by an unlikely ally. All three vow to remain in Miami until the score is settled, once and for all.