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Be Allergic to Broke
CHEAP GIRLS CLUB: Tired of Being Broke? Join the Club.

Ever wonder why it seems like the cheap girls of the world belong to an exclusive club? Wonder why they have a Zen-like nature while you're struggling to make the rent? Answer: Money.

It's high time to save more and stress less. Step up and accept the challenge. Initiate yourself into the Cheap Girls Club.

Most wealthy people are cheap and know there's more than one way to be charitable. In this how-to manual for financial fierceness, Winslow explains how she found value in being six-figures in debt. Through honest, inspiring stories she spills the tea on what she did to get on the right path to financial freedom.

Cheap Girls Club will teach you how to fearlessly develop your money master plan. Once you've learned how to spend less, it's time to invest your savings and tackle retirement planning. If terms like Traditional Roth, Roth IRA, 401(k), SEP IRA, and pension aren't in your day-to-day chit chat, no problem. Living paycheck to paycheck? A non-factor. If you're a freelancer, self-employed, or a small business owner, learn how to stabilize your unsteady income.

Learn the secrets of how the wealthy look at money differently. Learn to be Cheap! #CheapGirlsClubChallenge